Kristina Ciesielski Lab

Director: Kristina Ciesielski

Dr. Ciesielski investigates the developmental brain mechanisms involved in the etiology and heritability of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Autism-Spectrum Disorders (ASD) by examining the connectivity of brain networks subserving top-down visual-spatial-motor inhibitory control in adults and children with OCD and ASD, and in healthy controls.  In collaboration with her colleagues at The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Dr. Ciesielski addresses the above topics using the multimodal neuroimaging technology of EEG, MEG, fMRI, and structural MRI/DTI, in parallel with neuropsychological measures.  The primary, long-term goal of her studies is to inform future programs of prevention for children at-high-risk for OCD and ASD. Dr. Ciesielski conducts the above clinical research in her Pediatric Neuroscience Laboratory, a part of the PCNC.