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Steven Verney Lab

Director: Steven Verney

Dr. Verney uses pupillary dilation response and eye tracking to measure cognitive processing in various psychopathologies, and also studies cultural influences and biases in cognitive assessment (Verney et al., 2005) that may add to health disparities. He is the Research Core director of the New Mexico Center for the Advancement of Research and Engagement in Health Disparities at UNM, and is also conducting health disparities (e.g., stroke) in ethnic minority communities, especially American Indians. He gathers multiple psychophysiological processes in concert, a powerful methodology in cognitive neuroscience research. For example, he will combine pupillary dilation response indexing mental effort (Beatty, 1982) with EEG to better understand the neural timing involved in information processing efficiency. Eye tracking measures indexing real time visual attention (e.g., West Chanon & Hopfinger, 2008) will add to EEG research as well. The PCNC’s IT upgrade and Field Analyst will lessen the time and expense involved in developing new research paradigms and analyzing this complex data.