IT Resources

There are 38 PCs in the PCNC alone, combined with over 33 TB of useable server storage space in a dedicated server.  The dedicated server functions as the main file server for all active research groups at the Department of Psychology. This file server is a Silicon Mechanics Storform iServ R515.v3 with 2, 2.2GHz (8-Core, 20MB Cache) processors, 128GB RAM, 44TB storage configured as RAID 6 with Hot Spare divided into 2 arrays, 33 TB total usable storage space.  It is used by all active research groups at the Department of Psychology. It runs SAMBA server and it allows the use of shared directories across different OS platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac). Daily and weekly offsite backups of the server to the Research Storage Consortium system located at the Center for Advanced Research Computing are conducted using a “private” 10G connection; this connection is one of the early seeds of the NSF funded Science DMZ at UNM. perfSONAR server has been used for network benchmarking, testing, and troubleshooting of the 10G network as described above. 

RSC Array at CARC

Research Storage Consortium (RSC) is located at the Center for Advance Research Computing (CARC). The RSC contains approximately 1 PB of storage shared between multiple research groups.  Psychology has been given access to 35 TB of storage located on the RSC until 2023, plus 10 TB or temporary space on a faster storage system.  The agreement will be re-negotiated at the time of expiration. Data backup systems for the RSC are currently being installed at CARC. Direct access to RSC is granted for special projects upon request.  Network planning is done through CARC side with the assistance of the UNM Network Group.

Science DMZ

The Department of Psychology is one of the first UNM departments to be connected to the private high speed fiber network known as Science DMZ, funded by NSF.  This network connects 14 PIs from different UNM departments (including Investigator Clark and the PCNC) with speeds of 10 to 100G. This allows Psychology researchers to access the resources of both UNM Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC) and The Mind Research Network (MRN).  

IT Help Desk

The Psychology Department employs a full time Technical Support Analyst as well as a part-time System Analyst to support faculty, students and staff with computing needs.  Psychology faculty, students and staff can receive support in the following areas: Linux, network issues, Server access and user accounts and home directories as well as hardware and software for Mac and windows systems.

PCNC Network Security and Firewalls

The PCNC network is managed by UNM IT Networks, and secured by UNM IT Security. PCNC installed antivirus software on all of the computing systems, also enabled the operating systems' firewalls on these machines. The server is secured by a Linux firewall and it lives on two networks. The first network is a 10G private network used to transfer research data, the second is the UNM Psychology Department at Logan Hall 1G network; this allows PCNC and Psychology researchers to access the internal computer resources and to transfer data to CARC and MRN.