PCNC Imaging Resources/Equipment

Electroencephalography EEG

Imaging resources include two Biosemi ActiveTwo EEG Systems, each located in separate pediatric and adult EEG laboratories.  The adult system has 128+8 channels which includes the ability to measure respiration, plethysmograph used to record heart rate, and temperature. The pediatric system has 64 channels of EEG, with child-sized electrode caps, and a separate room for relaxation and preparation of participants and their families before testing. Both systems also include separate Polhemus Patriot 3D Digitizer Systems to determine head shape and the placement of each EEG electrodes on the scalp for source localization and for comparison with MRI derived anatomy and function.  Two SR-Research EyeLink 1000 2K systems are available for infrared eye movement monitoring during EEG or brain stimulation, or separately, in each EEG laboratory. 

Brain Stimulation

A number of systems for human brain stimulation and associated equipment are also available, including an eXimia transcranial stimulation system (TMS) and a neuroConn DC-Stimulator, which provides a single-channel transcranial current that produces a choice of direct, alternating or random noise current in continuous or pulsed stimulation with adjustable pulse width and interval, alone or in conjunction with EEG or MRI studies.  The PCNC also has 12 tDCS current generators (ActivaDose Iontophoresis Devices), as well as the associated equipment and supplies for experimenter blinding of tDCS protocols. The Center also includes a mock MRI for EEG, patient acclimation (e.g. for reducing claustrophobia and other scan-related anxiety) and paradigm development.